Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A good article about DB2 performance tuning

Today I took a look at some database performance tuning techniques, and I got a good series of articles about UDB performance tuning written by Roger Sanders in DB2 Magazine.
The links are:
Basic Performance Tuning, part 1
Basic Performance Tuning, part 2
Basic Performance Tuning, part 3
These 3 parts focus on tuning rules, system configuration and database design respectively, and the content is easy to read and comprehend.

Other sources include:
SQL Server Performance Tuning in SQL-Server-Performance.Com
Database Administration with Weblogic , which I believe focuses on the application design domain. (didn't read it yet)
PostgreSQL Performance Tuning, I'm a little bit familiar with it.
Another Performance Tuning of PostgreSQL, everybody likes free products!
SQL Performance Tuning Using Indexes , it seems that the author has a misunderstanding between clustered index and integrated index. Or maybe it's a product-specific issue.
Best Practice for Tuning DB2 UDBv8.1 in IBM Developer Networks.
Getting Started with DB2 Application Tuning, it contains some sources for other technical papers.

Interesting sites:
IBM Information Management Products Training
Oracle Database Site
Oracle 9i Documentation collected by Leiden University
DB2 Magazine

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