Monday, July 03, 2006

Good article about C# and Java

I just knew that "C#" is pronounced as "C Sharp" in English today. C# is a Microsoft programming product, which I believe is designed by Microsoft to compete with Java. It absorbs a lot of smart features from Java language/platform, which leads to great similarity between these 2 languages. By the way, .NET framework is also similar to J2EE platform.
There's a nice article describing the commonality and difference between C# and Java, which is available in .
I always like the capability of nice, convenient GUI design offered by Microsoft Visual Studio products, and I have the feeling that programs written in VB, VC++ are more efficient in run-time than those written in Java on windows platform. So maybe if it's time for me to migrate from Java to C# if C# is really like Microsoft Visual Java :)

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