Thursday, July 06, 2006

First sight at Visual C#

As my laptop crashed several months ago and I have not had it repaired yet, I just do most of my work in the lab. Today I asked the administrator to install the visual C# for me because I would like to play with it and gain some experience with this Java-like language.
The installation process was very very very long (including .net framework, sdk and C# express), like other new products with the "Microsoft" label, although the PC I use has a 3.2 GHz CPU and 1 G memory. It seems that Microsoft can always find the way to consume the hardware resources no matter how much hardware capability has been improved.

However, whenI tried to run it for the first time (again, the first-time run is very slow), I found I really liked it, partly because of its fresh green appearance, just like my blog. After playing with Java for so long, I feel that I'm still fond of the design of the tools from Microsoft. But the price for enjoying developing with Microsoft tools is that you should pay both Microsoft and hardware vendors like Intel first.

This C# Express edition is offered without any costs, which is not usual for Microsoft, who's always trying to sell everything he's got. Anybody who wants to try it can download and install it if your hardwares meet the requirements. Besides, you need to register the product within 30 days. The address for free download is .
A guy called Bob Tabor provides some video to support the learning of Visual studio products, in the address: . So, start to enjoy it!

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