Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Connect Informatica to ActiveMQ as a durable subscriber

I was asked to give advice on how to use Informatica to subscribe to a durable topic hosted on ActiveMQ.
It's quite easy to make a Java subscriber durable. The tricky thing related to Informatica subscriber is that this has to be configured inside Informatica while how the configuration should be done is somehow defined by JMS providers.
In order to connect to ActiveMQ durable topic, both subscriber name and clientid are required to be provided by subscribers. Subscriber name can be configured in Informatica JMS adapter (as the data source) however besides that it doesn't allow people to set the clientid. So the first thing came to my mind was to set the clientid on connectionfactory. But it didn't work by adding clientid as a property to connectionfactory.
An alternative is to modify the connection url of Informatica connection. In the end, it proved to work by appending "?jms.clientID=xxinf" to the url. A lot more attributes can be appended to the url; details are described here: .

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