Monday, August 19, 2013

DGrid data refreshing event?

I'm working on dojo chart generation based on the data from dojo dgrid. 
The logic I'm building is as follows: 
1. Subscribe to a topic in the main page: 
connect.subscribe("dgridrefresh", mModule.generateRestChart); 
2. Initiate a JsonRest datastore. Use the datastore to create a dgrid with pagination plugin. 
3. Start the dgrid in some contentpane. 
4. Publish an event to a topic upon "dgrid-refresh-complete" event. 
The code is as follows (topicname is the paramter): 
dgrid.on("dgrid-refresh-complete", function(event) { 
                                console.log("refresh-complete. Publishing to " + topicname); 
                                require(["dojo/_base/connect"], function(connect) { 
                                        connect.publish(topicname, [event]); 

However, I observed that mModule.generateRestChart() function was only invoked once when the dgrid was initiated. I expect the method being called whenever pagination is executed. 

Same information is here:

In the end, it turned out the dgrid-refresh-complete event will only be emitted once when dgrid is refreshed with loading the first page of data.
I did a workaround by customizing the pagination plugin for dgrid. The change I made was pretty simple: inside the Deferred block of gotoPage method of dgrid.extensions.Pagination, I added another emit of dgrid-navigation-complete event, which is a customized event by myself.

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