Monday, March 12, 2007

Configuring Internet Connection for vmware

Today when I was working on my SUSE vmware, I made a little change with the network configuration. But what I didn't realize was that it would cause the failure of internet connection. The problem turned out to be even worse because vmware network connection was configured through vmware softwares not the guest OS, which means I could not revert the modification in SUSE.
After several attempts that didn't resolve this issue, I had to power off the vmware because the OS was not useful to me if there was no internet connection. But at that moment, I happened to see that there was the other vmware image in my system, which has the internet connection. So I compared the 2 vmwares' .vmx files, and found out there was one major difference in the network configuration:
When I changed the network configuration in SUSE, it would be modified to ethernet0.connectionType="nat", which caused the disconnection to the network.

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