Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Configure MySQL with PHP

Product version: PHP5 (Non-installed version for windows), MySQL5 (Non-installed version for windows).
(1) Use php.ini-recommended as the default ini file by renaming it to php.ini.
(2) In the development environment, it's useful to set display_errors = on. When moving the web application to production, this switch should be turned off.
(3) Check the document root in the following line: doc_root ="C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs" .
(4) Specify the loadable module directory extension_dir = "C:\php5\ext" .
(5) Enable php_mysql.dll inside of php.ini by removing semicolon from the line ;extension=php_mysql.dll .
(6) PHP needs access to the MySQL client library. A file named libmysql.dll is included in the Windows PHP distribution and in order for PHP to talk to MySQL this file needs to be available to the Windows systems PATH. So add "C:\php5\" to PATH environmental variable.
(7) Specify upload_tmp_dir and session.save_path if necessary.
(8) Copy some extension pointers in the orginal php.ini file into the new php.ini file.

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