Thursday, August 10, 2006

JUnit, it's all about testing

Writing test code sometimes is very annoying for programmers. Many experienced developers turn to a testing framework like JUnit. I read several article about JUnit today, and picked some useful ones to list below:
JUnit Test Infected: Programmers Love Writing Tests , and it's from the JUnit website. I believe it's one of the first articles that teach people about JUnit framework.
Eclipse fans like me can use the following sources:
Using JUnit with Eclipse IDE, it's from .
JUnit Test Tutorial from File systems and Storage Lab (FSL) of CS Department, Stony Brook University.
Unit Testing in Eclipse Using JUnit, from CS Department of North Carolina State University.

Some key points:
Different kinds of tests include:
Unit tests: to check the correctness of several modules (classes).
Customer's tests: functional, system and acceptance tests. All these tests check the behavior of the system as whole. In the XP methodology, these tests are written by the customer, given the program skeleton.
Integration tests: to help test the interaction of several levels of the application.
Developer tests: tests used by developers to verify the whole code, new pieces of code and/or new functions.
JUnit is very useful when dealing with developer's test.

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